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Advanced Early Childhood Professional Development


Reaching Above and Beyond Entry Level

Welcome to the Early Educators' Institute of Learning, where we are committed to empowering early childhood educators to acquire the knowledge and expertise they need to excel in their profession. We are your go-to professional development and learning provider, offering the most comprehensive and advanced programs tailored specifically to your needs.

At the Early Educators' Institute of Learning, we understand the unique challenges that early childhood educators face. Our courses go beyond the basics by ensuring you understand how to effectively and actively engage typical and atypical student learners. We firmly believe that every child deserves a creative, supportive education grounded in innovative teaching approaches and best practices.



Experience the Difference


Our professional development is holistic and multifaceted. We delve into the intricacies of the physical, cognitive, social-emotional, and developmental aspects of learning. Equipping you with this comprehensive knowledge will empower you to create dynamic and engaging classroom environments that foster growth and success for all young learners.

One of the hallmarks of The Early Educators' Institute of Learning is our high-quality course library with curriculum crafted and overseen by leading experts in the field of early childhood education. Our courses provide tools and strategies to cultivate student development and potential. Choose Early Educators' Institute of Learning to enhance your professional skills.

Join our community of passionate and dedicated educators and discover the immense impact you can make in the lives of young children. Unlock your potential. Choose excellence. Join us at the Early Educators' Institute of Learning today.

Areas of Specialization

Our Team of Experts are degreed Early Childhood Professionals specializing in areas below.

Early Childhood Development

Behavioral Health

Family Relations

Special Education

Sensory Integration

Early Childhood Education

Developmental Disabilities, Delays and Disorders

Early Childhood Intervention

Pediatric Therapy


Curriculum and Instruction

Educational Administration and Leadership


A portrait of Dr Timothy Gadson.jpg

Timothy Gadson, Ph.D

President / Founder

Meet Dr. Timothy Gadson, an esteemed educator and visionary leader with a passion for transforming educational systems and ensuring every child’s success. With a diverse background in education, Dr. Gadson has made a significant impact at various levels across the United States. Beyond his roles as an educational leader in school systems, Dr. Gadson is also the CEO and principal consultant for Timothy Gadson Consulting. Dr. Gadson’s philosophy centers on the belief that all children can and will learn through quality, culturally responsive, and personally relevant educational experiences. In his vision for the future, Dr. Gadson emphasizes the necessity of having an effective teacher in every classroom, 

every year, delivering quality, rigorous, and data-informed instruction. He firmly believes that equipping students with the necessary skills and knowledge will ensure they graduate as global citizens, well-prepared for college, career, and life. 

Lynette Brown, COTA/L

CEO / Founder

Meet Ms. Lynette Brown, an Occupational Therapy Practitioner with extensive experience working in Early Childhood Education and Pediatric Occupational Therapy settings. Ms. Lynette’s passion for early learning and development has fostered the foundation of Early Educators’ Institute of Learning. Her vision focuses on Bridging the Gap between Early Childhood Educator’s and Expert Early Childhood Professionals by providing the missing links within the classroom environment, promoting successful early learners of all abilities. Using her collective experiences as a former early educator and knowledge as a Pediatric OT 

S Lynette Brown

practitioner, she is equipped with expertise that is unique and essential in developing and providing the highest quality advanced professional development for early childhood educators.


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