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Creating a Sensory Friendly Classroom

Creating a Sensory-Friendly Classroom for All Learners

  • 1 hour
  • 45 US dollars
  • Online

Service Description

This course is designed for educators who are looking to create a sensory-friendly classroom. We will discuss how to create a sensory-friendly classroom environment that supports the development of students with sensory challenges. We will explore the importance of sensory integration, sensory processing, and sensory modulation in the classroom and how to create a positive learning environment for all students. We will also discuss strategies for creating a sensory-friendly classroom, such as providing sensory-friendly materials, implementing sensory-friendly activities, and creating a sensory-friendly schedule. This course will provide educators with the tools and skills needed to create a sensory-friendly classroom that supports the individual needs of students with Sensory Processing difficulties. Course formats: This course is offered in both group courses and online format when available. Acceptance information: This course is accepted for professional development training requirements and annual in-service hours/credits in most states Learning Outcomes: ● Recognize the importance of creating a sensory friendly classroom environment. ● Utilize strategies to reduce sensory distractions in the classroom. ● Develop an understanding of sensory - based learning. ● Demonstrate the ability to create sensory - friendly activities. ● Explain the importance of accommodating different sensory needs in the classroom. ● Understand the importance of creating routines and structure in the classroom. ● Develop an understanding of how to provide emotional support to students with sensory issues. ● Identify methods to create a positive learning environment for students with sensory issues. Topics covered: ● Understanding Sensory Needs of Students ● Creating a Positive Sensory Environment ● Planning and Implementing Sensory Activities ● Strategies for Managing Sensory Overload Assessment methods: Multiple choice quiz and/or written assignments. Instructional methodology: Interactive Instruction, experiential learning, read written material, view videos, and listen to audio segments.

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415 55th Street, West Palm Beach, FL 33407, USA

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