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Executive Functioning in Young Children

Executive Functioning Fundamentals for Educators

  • 1 hour
  • 45 US dollars
  • Online

Service Description

This course is designed to provide educators with the skills and knowledge to support the development of executive functioning skills in young children. This course is packed with practical strategies, activities, and resources that will help educators to understand and facilitate the development of executive functioning skills in young children. The course covers topics such as goal setting, task initiation, planning, organization, problem solving, impulse control, and emotional regulation. Educators will learn about the neuroscience behind executive functioning, and how to create a supportive classroom environment that will help children develop these critical skills. Course formats: This course is offered in group courses and online format when available. Acceptance information: This course is accepted for professional development training requirements and annual in-service hours/credits in most states. Learning Outcomes: ● Understand the definition and purpose of executive functioning. ● Describe the core components of executive functioning. ● Identify the factors that can influence executive functioning development. ● Recognize the signs of executive functioning deficits in students. ● Explain the impact of executive functioning deficits on academic performance. ● Develop strategies to support students with executive functioning deficits. ● Utilize executive functioning strategies in classroom instruction. ● Demonstrate methods for integrating executive functioning strategies into the classroom curriculum. ● Evaluate the effectiveness of executive functioning strategies. ● Analyze the influence of executive functioning on student behavior. Topics covered: ● Introduction to Executive Functioning in Young Children ● How to Teach Executive Functioning Skills ● Strategies for Developing Executive Functioning in the Classroom ● Identifying and Supporting Executive Functioning Challenges in Young Children Assessment methods: Multiple choice quiz and/or written assignments. Instructional methodology: Interactive Instruction, experiential learning, read written material, view videos, and listen to audio segments.

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