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This resource page provides information for professional development requirements relevant to Child Care and State Certified Teachers.

Our courses are approved and aligned with the areas of course content requirements.

Approved Course Content Areas

Child Care Teachers

● Child development – typical and atypical
● Behavior management
● Working with families
● Design and use of child oriented space
● Community, health and social service resources
● Working with children with disabilities in child care

● Guidance and discipline

● Leadership development/program management and staff supervision

● Age appropriate lesson planning
● Developing special interest centers/spaces and environments

● Other course areas relating to child care or child care management

State Certified Teachers

● Administration
● Classroom management and organization
● Counselor education

Students with disabilities SWD

● Instructional strategies school wide
● Learning styles and differentiated education

Professional Development Requirements and Resources


Child Care Teachers

Child Care center staff and providers are required to complete a specific number of training hours each year. The content of the courses is typically related to the care and education of young children. State childcare licensing regulations include the specific number of required training hours and any requirements for the course content.

Child Care Technical Assistance Database- National Database of Child Care Licensing Regulations

A tool for finding and searching national and state information about child care licensing, training regulations, agency policies, and requirements for licensed child care centers, family child care homes,

and group child care homes. 


State Child Care Licensing Resources:

Office of Child Care - An Office of the Administration for Children & Families

The Office of Child Care supports low-income working families through child care financial assistance and promotes children's learning by improving the quality of early care and education and afterschool programs.


State Early Learning Resources:

State Certified Teachers 

Teacher certification renewal is mandatory in every state, however the process and fees may vary by state. Please contact the department of education, the higher education agency, special education agency, and adult education agency in your state for more information.


US Department of Education

The Department of Education fosters educational excellence, to ensure equal access to educational opportunity for all.


State Contacts and Information:

Information Resource Center
Call: 1-800-USA-LEARN (1-800-872-5327) or 202-401-2000 in the D.C. metropolitan area.

Office of Elementary and Secondary Education

The Office of Elementary and Secondary Education (OESE) supports teachers, principals, school leaders, and other educators as they help to launch the problem-solvers and innovators of the future.

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